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Ivan, Shirly & the little one.

 Ivan and shirly have made my visit to Perth a great one, as treat me like a friend than a photographer. These pictures were taken on the day after the wedding event on a beautiful weather. As you could see from the smile of Ivan, he is more excited on the newborn than the wedding event itself. All the best to the lovely couple and the little one.

Greatest Love of All

Some said you never know how much your parents love you untill the day when you have your own child. Today, it shows on the face of this lovely couple. Celina asked me to touch up the rashes on her arm, she said it's the pregnancy sympton. Well, I think it,s the sign of love :-)

MingYen & Tai @ Putrajaya

A very beautiful morning.... As a matter of fact, an afternoon! Thanks to Joe Mcnally, I've learned to use flash in an interesting way. Gel the flash yellow it gives this couple a warm morning sunshine!